Innocent Assassin: Cool Dimension (2006) – HD

Movie: Cool Dimension / Innocent Assassin: Cool Dimension
Director: Ishii Yoshikazu
Cast :
Kenichi Endo – Kurokawa
Yoko Mitsuya – Shiori
Mitsuho Otani – Mika
Mika Shigeizumi – Junko
Satoshi Matsuda
Satoshi Nikaido
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Korean

Three leather-clad, cool and glamorous lady assassins, Shiori, Mika, and Junko, win over guys with intelligence and attractive bodies. They are given the mission to eliminate a target but there comes an intruder and the battle begins. Forced into becoming an assassin since childhood, Shiori now with conflicting conscience, decides to leave her boss. But can she really quit before killing one too many?
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