Woman Who Arches Her Back (1980)

AKA : Nokezoru Onna
Director : Akira Kato
Cast : Maiko Kazama, Yoshikawa Yodo, Yumi Hayakawa, Rumi Kutsuki, Yuko Aragi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Plot (Google Translate)
Yuko and her husband, Shozo, committed a robbery murder, and Shozo died in the case, and she was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. The two were connected with anomalous carnivore, and Reiko’s body could not live without the man’s body. One rainy day, a truck with a ladder came down to a rockfall, leaving her all dead. It became muddy, and escape of dumplings began. Reiko saw male and female hunters overlapping in a mixed forest. Instinctively squeezed gyoza, chili paper after finished …

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