Zero Woman 7: Last Command (1999)

Saigo no Shirei (1999)
Director: Yasushi Saisyu
Cast : Bob Buchholz, Peter Doyle, Naoshi Eguchi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English
Even in a modern democracy, there are police networks so covert, that they are invisible to the
average citizen. It is in this world of darkness that Rei operates, a special agent for the deadly
Section Zero. Rei is sent on a mission to investigate Kayama, who is responsible for selling the
guns and drugs that have been confiscated from dirty cops. However, this mysterious criminal
turns out to be a man without a past. Like Rei, he is invisible to the Japanese government,
appearing in no official records or documents. Kayama is a man who does not exist, and this
makes him the perfect soul mate for Rei.





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