Densha No Naka De Onna: Chikan ni Abaka Reta on’nakyo

AKA : –
Director : Kojima Akira, Kojima Akira
Cast : Kaori Asada, Shoko Kudo, Mio Shiina, Yoji Ohira, Yuri Enomoto
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Plot (Google Translate)
Toru, who was a tutor when she was a student in the class of female teacher Risa (Kaori Asada), has been transferred to school. Risa had forgiven her body in the past and was afraid to be separated. As expected, Toru who holds the weakness has forced Risa to do lessons without putting on underwear, ambushes on a school train to pervert, and irritating gradually escalates. Risa does not have any resistance and consults with his girlfriend Kenichi for help. However, Toru knows that Miki of the same class has a perpetual contract with Kenichi. Instead of giving up, Miki gives Miki a conversion condition to sleep with Kenichi, and Toru takes Risa to a love hotel and shows Miki and Kenichi hug each other. It is betrayed by a lover and Risa who can only endure to Toru’s harassment. But, when I knew the meaning of Toru …

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