Temptation of Mother-in-law (2018) – HD

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Country: Korea
Language: Korean
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Plot (Google Translate)
He graduated from a prestigious college and promoted as the youngest person in the big company. He seems to have everything but without looking at his handsome appearance. However, his old friend, Moo-hyuk, My girlfriend in love I want to marry wisdom, but I was in a good mood for her attitude that does not show my parents. That night Han Yong received a promotion celebration by Wisdom and now she wanted to marry stablely and demanded a meeting. I agree with the conditions of the meeting with one condition, but the condition is that she will not be surprised if she meets her parents, and the confrontation with her approaching person is a different charm than Han, Yong Hye I’m getting more and more distracted by the ripeness Sanya also not an excuse dishes after marriage will increase the number gradually bring back to the house of hanyong. And one day when there was a business trip of wisdom, the sudden visit of my drunken mother-in-law. What choice would Han-yong make to the provocative mother-in-law’s dash?

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