Sketch 2014 – HD 720p


AKA: seu-ke-chi
Runtime: 94min
Director: Lee Hyeok-jong (이혁종)
Subtitles: NON ATM

The world’s greatest sketch of love between a torn man and a woman begins here. Soo-yeon is a nameless artist who has passion and talent. It’s her only dream and reason of life to hang her pictures in a gallery.However, unlike her expectations, the world doesn’t recognize her talent and only forces unreasonable compromise. She continues everyday with resentment and pain from the world. Chang-min (Park Jae-jeong) has a special talent which allows him to feel a person’s feelings; he feels her pain and pities her. He was born with a gift he didn’t ask for and has experienced abandonment from his loved ones. He feels love for Soo-yeon and so does she. Meanwhile, Soo-hyeon is given a dangerous offer to compromise with authority if she wanted to see light as an artist

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