Lang Tong (2014) – HD

AKA : –
Director : Sam Loh
Cast : Vivienne Tseng, William Lawandi, Angeline Yap
Country: Singapore
Language: Mandarin | English
Subtitles : Chinese

Zach (William Lawandi), a remorseless serial womaniser and con man, meets his match in Li Ling (Vivienne Tseng), an alluring and well-to-do woman who makes a wicked bowl of pork rib soup. Things take an unexpected turn when Zach meets Li Ling’s younger sister, the drop-dead gorgeous Li Er (Esther Goh). Soon enough, Zach turns his lecherous attentions towards Li Er, and they begin an affair behind Li Ling’s back. Li Er convinces Zach to help her execute a heinous plot to murder her older sister, whom she blames for causing her mother’s death. However, things are not as simple as they seem.

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