A Record of Sweet Murder (2014) – HD

AKA : Aru yasashiki satsujinsha no kiroku
Director : Kôji Shiraishi
Cast : Je-wook Yeon, Kkobbi Kim, Tsukasa Aoi
Country: Japan | South Korea
Language: Japanese | Korean
Subtitles : –

A South Korean journalist and a Japanese cameraman in South Korea are invited to an abandoned apartment one day. They are invited by a murderer and they know it. While there they stumble upon a video featuring the murderer. The police believe the wanted criminal has committed eighteen murders, but the criminal claims he has already killed 25. He furthermore claims that if he completes the killing of all 27 on his list not only his dead friend will be resurrected, but also all 27 will come back to life. A divine voice had told the murderer it would be so.

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