Naked Rose (1994)

AKA : Chi luo kuang hua
Director : Jing Yeung
Cast : Ken Tong, Yeong Fang Usang, Fui-On Shing
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English

A story of innocence in a cruel world. Kitty is a young ingenue down on her luck and about to be evicted from her apartment for being arrears in her rent when she is saved by a police inspector who offers to pay her rent. Meanwhile she gets a job in a modelling agency and meets Tony, an arrogant photographer who believes that commercialism will sully his art and that he will not prostitute his artistic standards to their demands. The police inspector is corrupt and sells our young innnocent to a brothel owner Helen who in a magnaminous gesture tears up the contract confiding that she too was once young and innocent. A muddled story line leads to the rapprochement of Kitty and Tony who find love in each others arms.

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