Tang Bohu Nine (1987)

AKA : On Tang Bohu | Nine Beauties | salty wet Tang Bohu | Nine Meitu
Director : Tang Yisheng
Cast : Yao Houde / Xu Yingzhu / Yan Yumei
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitles : English

Plot (Google Translate)
Tang Bohu is a generation of romantic figures, eight wives and wives, and still loves everywhere. One time on the way, the beautiful woman Qiu Xiang was attracted by her beauty and shocked. After meeting in the temple, Shen Qiu smiled back and looked at Tang Bohu’s spirits; Bohu made up his mind and vowed to win the beauty. In order to be close to the beautiful, Bohu does not borrow to sell to Taishi as a servant.

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