The Bedevilled (1975)

AKA : –
Director : Lo Wei
Cast : O Chun Hung, Reiko Ike, James Tien, Yeung Lan, Dean Shek, Lee Kwan
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles : English

In a small town, the only son of the local dominant family is found dead, naked in the bed of wine shop proprietress Cheng Niang. The young man’s father, Lin Chi-Hsing, insists it is a murder committed by Cheng Niang’s husband Tseng Chai-Chu, who claims he is innocent.

Soon after Cheng Niang mysteriously disappears, Old Lin successfully bribes the Magistrate Tang to sentence Tseng to death for the crime. In her disappearance Cheng Niang quickly learns about her husband’s death and hangs herself. The magistrate Tang thereafter is riddled with guilt and begins seeing the ghosts of Tseng and Cheng Niang every night.

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