48days (2014)

AKA : –
Director : Yasushi Koshizaka
Cast : Shimamura Maika, Kumano Rokiomi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Korean

Length: 120 mins

Plot (Google Translate)
Fuyuko Nakahara was about to report to her husband’s family that she had a miscarriage. When I got to the seat of a green car with my husband, a young man who was a mistake made a mistake with someone and a husband was slaughtered by her husband. A few days later Toko went to drink with Sasaki and a bar to meet with her best friend Kyoko, where he met that remake. There was a woman named Osamu Akemi in the store, and she got a stimulant to cancer of the master. One day a while, when Toko is ironing at home, a school will come and commit herself forcibly. Since her abortion, Toko who is not doing well with her husband is attracted to the youth of Osamu. Three months later, Toko was pregnant. It is a child of the Osamu, Toko calls the bar before this and met with the restoration. At that time, Sarah gold collector came to the store to collect Akemi’s interest. Guns attack the collector on outrageous charges, causing injuries. The collector left a written letter of the settlement money on the spot and moved away in the name of Toko. Osamu plans to rob the Sara gold company for repaying the debt, Toko also takes Akemi, the one stick with Gan ..

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