Erotic Ghost Story – Perfect Match (1997)

聊齋艷譚之幽媾 Erotic Ghost Story – Perfect Match (1997)
Director : Lam Yi-Hung
Country: Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Subtitle(s) : English

Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong … Monk Talkative
Diana Pang Dan … Ying Ying
Geung Ga-Ling … Siu Mui
Wong Lei … Miu Miu (Bunny Spirit)
Miu Kam-Fung … Mrs Tsui
Chui Bo-Lun … Tsui Yuk She
Teresa Mak Ga-Kei … Evil Queen of Heaven
Wong Yat-Fei … Fairy Yeh
Ho Pak-Kwong … Taoist priest Ho
Cheung Bing-Chan … Judge Luk


The soon-to-be Monk Talkative does his best to understand when Fairy Yeh explains what must be done. Rabbit spirits have escaped from the heavenly garden, and must be recaptured. These bunnies can assume human female form, and gorgeous forms at that. One is played by Pang Dan, who happens to be the soon-to-be Monk Talkative’s wife. Talkative finds the explanation hard to follow (as do we the audience) but decides to help. Meanwhile, another rabbit spirit escapes, is rescued from hunters by scholar Yu-shu, who takes the rabbit home. While Yu-shu sleeps (with the rabbit in his bed !), the rabbit turns into the luscious Siu Mui (Keung Ka Ling), who makes love with him while he somehow manages to remain asleep. Yu-shu awakes next morning to find he is no longer a virgin, and also that a lovely young woman is calling him hubby. Perhaps in shock, or fearing that his blind mother might wonder, he tries to convince her to leave (silly chap !). Pang Dan’s character also does the “Virgin Stance” with another bunny, played by Wong Nei. Lots of confusion and daftness follows, as the forces of heaven (the bad guys, lead by the evil Queen Of Heaven) pursue the bunnies, with concealed identities and misunderstandings all over the place.

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