Good Girl (2015) – HD

AKA : 착한 여자 (chag-han yeo-ja) | Nice Woman
Director : Kyeong Seok-ho (경석호)
Cast : Joo Yeon-seo
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

“Teacher, I am better than you think I am…” She was pure and innocent until she met someone with a hot instinct!
Boon-nyeo is a nice girl who works to pay off the debt her father left behind before he disappeared. The only light in her miserable life is Kang, the teacher at the house she keeps. Then one day, co-worker Myeong-joon confesses his love for her and goes after her body. However, she enjoys the intimacy of skin touching skin. She thinks about Myeong-joon’s hands but she’s not satisfied. In the end, she starts to seduce Man-gap, the richest man in the market, Cheon-soo, a man working for him and Kang who she has longed for so long…

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