Young Mother’s Friend (2018) – HD

AKA : 젊은 엄마 친구 (jeolm-eun eom-ma chin-gu)
Director : Yoo Hae-jong (유해종)
Cast : Yoon Jae, Yoo Sul-young, Ji Hye, Ji Seong-I
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

After Jae-won goes back to school, he can’t find a place to stay so he ends up renting out a room in his mother’s friend Hee-jae’s house. Hee-jae’s daughter Yoon-young has grown up to be a mature young lady. One day, Yoon-young uses school exams as an excuse to stay over with her boyfriend and Jae-won brings his girlfriend to the house. Hee-jae thinks something is going on and interrupts. Meanwhile, Yoon-young is not entirely happy with sex with her boyfriend and has other thoughts when she sees Jae-won. She starts seeing him as a man. In the end, she calls him to her room in the middle of the night…

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