Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002)

AKA : –
Director : Robert Kubilos
Cast : Chelsea Blue, Ty Winston, Glen Meadows
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles : –

Jennifer (Brooke Larele) is new to vampirism but already tired of life with her penurious master, Jack (Tristen Coeur D’Alene). She exposes Jack to sunlight, but his demise is caught by a video security camera and the footage convinces tabloid reporter Sean Flynt (Glen Meadows) that he’s seen hard evidence of spontaneous human combustion. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s catches the eye of powerful vampire Victor (Ty Winston), who’d like to add her to his harem. Jennifer bumps into Sean at an occult bookstore, and the electricity between them is palpable. But she’s no more in a hurry to acquire a human boyfriend than she is to become Victor’s trophy bride. While Sean continues to research his story, Jennifer brushes up on vampire lore and learns that she could regain her humanity if a mortal should love her before the next lunar eclipse. If she chooses to remain a vampire, she could become Victor’s rival. Sean tries to kill Victor and Jennifer takes the vampire’s side, but she hasn’t decided ..

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