Temptation of an Angel (1999)

AKA : Qin mi qing ren zhi wu xian you huo
Director : Joe Chu Kai Sang
Cast : Emily Kwan Bo Wai, Yuk Fong, Kwok Kam
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : English

TV commercial director Fei (Michael Chow Man-kin) is mourning the death of girlfriend Angel Chen (Yuk), and through flashbacks induced by his reading of her diary, we see how their relationship developed and, eventually, faltered when she met handsome gym instructor Roy (Ngai). Against her better judgement, Angel begins to cheat on Fei and subsequently experiences the most arousing sex of her life. Plagued by guilt, Angel avoids Roy for two months but he continues to seek her out and will not stop when asked to. Angel loves both men and her inability to break off with one or both of them leads to tragedy.

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