Lady In Heat (1999)

AKA : Nu huan
Director : Yen-Ping Chu, Che Man-Ching
Cast : Yea-Ling Chang, Ming-Wei Kao, Miho Nomoto
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles : English

An anthology of three erotic stories. In the first story (“Pink Encounter”), a salesman is unable to control his libido as a customer takes off all her clothes to test out a bathtub for sale. The second story (“House For Rent”) features two couples who are sexually unsatisfied until they get the idea to swap partners. In the final story (no English title), a woman kills her rich husband then enters a steamy affair with the policewoman investigating the crime.

The first where she wants to try out a bathtub much to the chagrin of the bathtub salesman. She lathers up and gives us a soapy view of her beautiful skin an breasts. Not much else goes on and it ends with some farcical police sting.

The second movie involves a couple renting a home from another couple. Being in close quarters means they see a lot of each other, and I mean a lot. The renting wife sells her body to the landlord husband and ends up enjoying herself a bit too much. The renter husband gets a massage from the landlady and ends up getting more than his shoulder rubbed. The two switched couples meet up for a tryst in the dark during a power outage only to be ‘exposed’ in the kitchen when the lights come back on. The love scenes here are brief and the wafer thin story barely holds it all together. If it were not for the lovely pair on our lovely pair of ladies it wouldn’t be very memorable.

the third story has the lesbian tryst between Miho Nomoto and Rebecca Chang. Chang is really smokin hot. I originally watched this movie for Miho but have switched allegiances. i don’t remember the story but who cares. Two hot babes going at it in two different scenes.

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