Butcher’s Wife (1999)

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Director : –
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Country: Korea
Language: Korean
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Plot (Google Translate)
Murder occurs at the butcher. Sang Hyun, the owner of a butcher who was holding a knife at the time of the incident, is identified as a criminal. Three years later, Sanghyun, who has been in office for a while, finds a butcher shop. Respecting him is betrayal of Shinhye who promised marriage. Shinhye lives with a detective Dongcheon in charge of the murder case and is a butcher. Dongcheon has been telling Sanghyun for three years. After Shin Hyun was convicted, Sinhye came to Dongcheon saying that he was the real criminal, and Dongchun had been tired of not being able to escape from the welfare of the people from then on. But as Hyun Hyun returns, the feelings of each other start to twist. Dongcheon feels a guilty plea for Sang Hyun and Sinhye revives the feelings he forgot at the meeting with Sang Hyun.

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