Death Row Girls (2004) – D5

AKA : Kûga no shiro: Joshû 1316
Director : Sadaaki Haginiwa
Cast : Aki Hoshino, Emi Kitagawa, Momo Iizawa, Junko Maru, Ren Suzuki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Death Row Girl: It’s called The Island, a maximum-security unit where Japan’s baddest bad girls think they’ve been sent to serve time for their crimes against society. Unfortunately, as inmate 1316 is about to discover, the inmates are wrong, and unless you’re one of the sadistic guards, once you enter this penal hellhole, you’ll never leave alive.

In a nightmarish world of secret graveyards and machine gun executions, 1316 must use every weapon in her arsenal, including her own lethal body, in a no-holds-barred bid to survive! It’s the guards’ turn to be afraid, because 1316’s already died and gone to hell, so she’s got nothing left to lose.

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