Cannibal Curse (1988)

AKA : Chu nu jiang | Jue neu gong | Curse
Director : Patrick Kong Yeung
Cast : Elisa Ye, Maria Isabel Lopez, Susan Brandy, Maria Jo, Hsin Nan Hung, Phillip Ko, Chin Ling-Tzu, Ching Tien, Feng Hung, Chan Lap-Ban
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles : Chinese / English

Maria is married to an abusive husband, and one day, she decides to run off with her secret lover: her husband’s gardener, Roberto. Her cousin overhears their plan and kills Roberto with his car. Maria takes his body and performs a spell so that they will meet and she will love him when they become reincarnated into their next lives. Once they are reborn adults, Maria pursues Robert, but Robert is already married and doesn’t remember her. Frustrated, she goes into the rain forest to an evil sorcerer, Rafau, who has a midget tribe of cannibals as his minions, but once she has lost her virginity, she must give her body to him. She accepts, but when she refuses to come back to him, Rafau casts a spell on Robert, who becomes catatonic. Now Maria, Robert’s wife, and her sorcerer father team up to stop Rafau before Robert dies and Maria must be sacrificed.

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