Vegetarian 채식주의자 (2010)

Vegetarian 채식주의자 (2010)
Revised romanization: Chaesikjuuija
Director: Lim Woo-Seong
Runtime: 113 min.
Genre: Arthouse / Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles : English

Chae Min-Seo / From Sookhee (2014)
Kim Hyun-Sung


Young-Hye (Chae Min-Seo) suffers from nightmares and then becomes a vegetarian. Video artist Min-Ho (Kim Hyun-Sung) is married to Yeong-Hye’s older sister Ji-Hye (Kim Yeo-Jin). These three figures try to overcome there violent realities through their own ways …

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