Sundome : Live Action (2015) Ep.1-2 – HD

AKA : –
Director : Shintaro Ashizuka
Cast : Kamada Hiroko, Takasaki Shota, Rika Sasaki, Michinari Yosuke, Yamaguchi Yusuke, Matsuyama Yukitoshi, Yuri Hirata
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Plot (Google Translate)
Bishojo / Sakuwaku walnut (Saku Mori) came to C group for 1 year. Male high school student Hideo Aiba (Ai Hideyo) in the same class falls in love at first sight for this transfer student for the first time in birth. Walnut who was cute and became the attention of everyone joined the Romantic Club (Occult Research Department) to which Hideo also belongs. When the British man fell in love affair to walnut, the word struck from the walnut to the hero was ‘Even if you are alone on the planet, you will not absolutely SEX only with the Hero.’ …

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