Body Fund: Woman in Auction (2011)

AKA : Body Fund: Auction sareta Onna
Director : Futoshi Sakamoto
Cast : Kotomi Asakura / Takahiro Nomura / Shin-ichi Inoue
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Rena lost her parents when she was in elementary school and was taken into the care of her remote relatives, the Takedas. She now lives with her stepbrother, Yoshiyuki, while she’s happily engaged with her colleague, Masahiko. When Rena and Masahiko go to Yoshiyuki to get his permission to marry, they are told that it’d be given when Masahiko succeeds at work. But Rena soon finds herself in despair when it turns out that some company monies Masahiko has misappropriated for client contracts have disappeared. With a debt of 20 million yen, Masahiko pleads Rena to delve into the world of loan sharks for debt relief. When she does, her hellish life begins.

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