Kaede (2007)

AKA : Kunoichi Yoen-den Kaede
Director : Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Cast : Mai Nadasaka / Yua Konno / Miyoko Sakura
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

In the mid-Edo Period, the 8th Shogun, Yoshimune, has enforced the Kyoho Reforms, but sexual abuse has continued to occur in the city. An umbrella maker, Kichiemon, and his wife, Koharu, are poor but happy. Kaede, her younger sister, is a virgin and envious of her older sister for her new marriage. One day, their happiness comes to a halt when two robbers break in and rape Koharu while she visits Kaede’s home. After the incident, Koharu hangs herself and dies. Trying to comfort a devastated Kichiemon, Kaede decides to avenge her sister’s tragedy. Yet, there’s a catch: a great ninja, Yume, and her watchdog read about Koharu’s incident in the newspaper and go after the truth. The vile desire for Kaede’s body awaits them.

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