Tokoroten Girl (2006)

AKA : Tokoroten no Onna
Director : Seiki Watanabe
Cast : Shinichiro Toyonaga / Rinako Hirasawa / Takahiro Nomura / Madoka Arai
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

The first title of the Fullmotion Vintage series: Orin’s Cold Noodles
In medieval Japan, well-built Yohei works as an express messenger. For all his size though, he cannot run fast when delivering messages and his colleague, Densuke is always making fun of him for it. One day a samurai asks Yohei to deliver a letter to a girl working at a cold noodle store in the outskirts of the town. The samurai explains that the girl, Orin, runs the store alone. When he delivers the letter, Yohei falls in loves at first sight. Unable to sleep, Yohei visits the store one night. There Orin asks Yohei, “Do you like cold noodles?” and takes him to the next room. Orin takes her kimono off and begins to play with the cold noodle…Yohei realizes that the store is just a front and that Orin is actually a prostitute.

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