Love – Zero = Infinity (1994)

AKA : Iyarashii hitozuma: nureru
Director : Hisayasu Satô
Cast : Kiyomi Itô, Takeshi Itô, Ryûmei Homura
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Takeshi Ito plays an alienated young man whose girlfriend just broke off their romance.He has become obsessed with following strangers around.He is hired to follow a Doctor around when one of her colleagues who also happens to be her husband suspects she is losing grip on reality and becoming vampire serial killer.The more Takashi watches the beautiful doctor the more fixated he becomes with her.One day his cover is blown when she catches him following her.The love affair between two alienated souls ends in tragedy…”Love-Zero=Infinity” is a metaphor of a world dealing with AIDS/HIV hysteria.Sato’s vision of lonely vampires is as dark as they come.The performances are natural and the sex scenes are highly erotic.The film is filled with alienation,discommunication and despair.The scene of two junkyard teenagers,who are addicted to what they call “Blood Rush”,injecting each other’s blood as the ultimate form of intimacy is hauntingly beautiful.Life is just running towards death,so it’s time for the last act of devotion.

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