Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan 愛奴新傳 (1984)

Subtitles: English
Synopsis : With “Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan”, director Chu Yuan returned to his 1970s daring, erotic roots, but now he can let it all hang out. Newcomer sex kitten Hu Kuan-Chen plays the pathetic, starving, lost girl, forced into prostitution under the lesbian control of experienced erotica actress Yu An-An to blow everyone’s minds away. Action directors Yuen Wah and Yuen Bun make cameo appearances, as does Elvis “Sex and Zen” Tsui.
Candice Yu On-On  … Lady Chun
Nancy Hu Guan-Zhen  … Ai Nu
Chang Kuo-Chu  … Xiao Ye
Alex Man Chi-Leung  … Lin Yun
Walter Tso Tat-Wah  … old widower
Jue Tit-Woh  … Ju San
Lee Hoi-Sang  … Ju San’s brother
Yuen Bun  … Ju San’s fourth brother
Yuen Wah  … Ju San’s brother
Ng Wui  … magistrate
Cheng Miu  … Mr. Lee
Chan Shen  … Officer Fu
Shum Lo  … Cafe Owner

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