An Uninvited Guest 손님1 첫번째 이야기 (2011) – HD

Director: Lee Sang-Hwa
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles : None

Shin Yi – Na-Yeon
Hwang Sun-Hwan – crazy guy
Kim Han-Kyu – Ji-Min
Kim Tae-Jung – Eun-Jin’s mother


A crazy man comes into the house where the housewife is home alone. He tells her that he will take a shower, have a meal and then leave. His behavior strangely mimics her husband’s behavior.

Eun-Jin’s mom, who lives next door, brings over rice cakes for Eun-Jin’s 100th day anniversary. Now two women are captured as hostages. The crazy man drinks alcoholo and talks about the husband’s past, a past that is vile and terrifying. The housewife is now more scared of her husband than her captive. Her husband keeps calling and then comes into the house. He is furious about the situation and pleads with tears. He attempts to the kill the man that broke into their home …