Yuria 100 Shiki (2010) – LIVE ACTION

AKA : Yuria Hyaku-shiki
Director : Hideo Jojo (Gachi-ban)
Cast : Shelly Fujii
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Dr. Akiba, a perverted scientist, has developed a series of gynoid Dutch wives (aka sex dolls). Yuria Type 100 is his newest creation: she has highly advanced artificial intelligence and vast sexual knowledge, and the first doll which can imprint to her master for life upon having actual sex. However, she refuses to imprint onto Akiba, and escapes from his lab. She ends up living with college student Shunsuke Kubo, where she tries to seduce him with the hopes that he can be her master, as however, he regularly refuses because he has a girlfriend and because he sees her as incredibly annoying when she acts like that. The series follows her everyday life as she tries to seduce Shunsuke. Other Dutch wife gynoids soon appear, some of whom were also invented by Akiba, thus making them Yuria’s sisters, and others from competing companies. Throughout the series, there are commentaries about the technical specs of the sexual capabiities of the Yuria and other models.

File Size: mkv 1.88 GB