Love and Crime (1969)

AKA : Meiji, Taishô, Shôwa: Ryôki onna hanzai-shi
Director : Teruo Ishii
Cast : Teruo Yoshida, Sada Abe, Yukie Kagawa, Yoshi Katô, Junko Maki, Ken Sawaaki, Kichijirô Ueda, Mitsuko Aoi, Asao Koike, Teruko Yumi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

Another anthology of tales with lots of sex and bloody violence by Teruo Ishii, this one on the theme of women, female criminals and violence related to passion for women. Some of the tales are based on real-life crimes. The most infamous is Sada Abe’s (In the Realm of the Senses) tale of a passionate affair that ended in death and her slicing off his penis as a keepsake, except in this movie, you get to briefly see the real Sada Abe. Other tales vary in length and are usually lacking in interest, some only getting a minute of time to depict the violent crime itself. Stories include the bookended tale of the doctor performing an autopsy on his suicidal wife while he ponders about women and violence, an insanely lustful serial killer from WWII, a selection of bloody violence and castrations by women, a greedy and psychotic woman who sleeps with everyone and manipulates them to kill each other so she can get her hands on some property, the gory beheading of a woman in the snow without much explanation, and a nasty tale of a lustful leper who is falling apart while trying to rape a woman.

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