The Maid’s Comfort Food – Director’s Cut (2017) – HD

AKA : 가정부의 손맛 감독판 (ga-jeong-bu-eui son-mat gam-dok-pan)
Director : Lee Jun (이전)
Cast : Lee Soo, Lee Cheong-ha, Kim In-gyoo-III
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –

Gong-cheol cares for his new wife Eun-mi who cannot walk after a terrible accident. Enter the sexy maid Young-joo who comforts Gong-cheol who is tired of caring for Eun-mi. The two grow closer at home and Eun-mi witnesses it. Young-eun sees that Eun-mi is sad and cold and says something Eun-mi can’t quite understand. Then, Eun-mi recalls the shocking past and her accident that had been surpressed in her memory.

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