Bijinsugiru Ryoshi (2012) – HD

AKA : 美しすぎる漁師
Director : Wada Shoemon
Cast : Saeki Anna, Yana Kazuya, Morinaga Toru, Hiroto Kamiyo, Kaori Kashiwagi, Yoshihiro Sato, Kazumi Ishihara
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : Korean

Plot (Google Translate)
Sukiko (Anrika Sakana) who died of his father who was called “a legendary fisherman”, was tired of Tokyo who had been living since then, returned to a port town where he was born and raised, but the town has changed and the former fisherman Kimura scatters gold It was acquired by the fishermen and it was the golden village pursuing resort development.While it was the only traditional way of doing it was a former lover of Tomoya who was a deceased father’s ally · Tadashi and his son. Beginning with fishermen with fellow Tomoya, while suffering from the past, Tokiwa is recruiting my thoughts … … conspiracy of creeping village! What is the mystery of the death of my father who Shikiko holds?

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