Beautiful Wife Indelible Past Be Targeted (2009)

AKA : 狙われる美人妻 消せない過去
Director : Hirotaro
Cast : Kasumi Risa, Miu, Keisuke Iba, Yukihiro Ishihara
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

Well-regarded pinku eiga filmmaker Chusei Sone’s stylish direction elevates this typical softcore melodrama from Nikkatsu. Hitomi Sakae stars as Saeko, a biology teacher who gets a job at the school where her father was betrayed by the district superintendent, whose son just happens to be the current principal. With revenge on her mind, Saeko kidnaps both men and subjects them to some oddly petulant torture. Unlike many S & M melodramas of the time, Kyoshi Mejika presents Saeko’s revenge as ultimately unsatisfying, and the film ends on a piquant note with Saeko leaving the school strangely unvindicated. Kumio Ohtsuka co-stars with Hitoshi Takagi and Toru Kido.

File Size: DVD 4.22 GB