The Trap (2015) – Uncut HD

AKA : 덫 (deot)
Director : Yoon Yeo-chang (윤여창)
Cast : Lee Yoo-jin
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles : –


Her irresistible fatal love, his love is stuck in the trap.
Ah-yeon looks sensual in those short tennis outfits she always wears. When Min-seok, a successful prosecutor encounters Ah-yeon in a parking lot of a tennis court, he happens to provide her with help unexpectedly. He later gets contacted by Ah-yeon frequently. Although Min-seok, the married man tries to refuse her excessive hospitality towards him, it’s not easy to refuse those. One day, Min-seok receives a correspondence saying he is accused of bribery and then he realizes he might lose his position as a prosecutor. While his relationship with his wife has become unstable as well, he cannot stop thinking about Ah-yeon. He after all begins the relationship with Ah-yeon he should not have started.

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