Female Cats (1983)

Director: Shingo Yamashiro
Cast:  Ai Saotome, Kôichi Iwaki, Hiroshi Nawa, Koji Mizukami, Kotomi Aoki, Akiyoshi Fukae, Ryûji Katagiri, Mariko Nishina, Yoshi’e Ôtsuka
Subtitles : English

Plot: This is a Nikkatsu Roman Porno flick from 1983. The story is about a group of female doctors and nurses who took something from the Yakuza and a band of them are out to get it back.
Innocent female doctor Mineko was seduced by Sachiko, an aggressive  lesbian, in her younger days. Mineko begins dating a male coworker, and accepts an invitation to a party at the home of a transvestite patient. Sachiko comes out of Mineko’s past, enraged with jealousy, and begins  tormenting Mineko and her boyfriend.

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