Chain Gang Girls (2007)

AKA : ga no ori: Nami dai-42 zakkyobô
Director : Sasuke Sasuga
Cast : Li Mei Chan || Jun’ichi Kawamoto || Yuka Kosaka || Hiroko Mori || Reina || Y Sat || Sawaco Anri || Suzuki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : English

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In Japan’s toughest maximum-security female prison, the inmates outnumber the guards by 100 to one, and if prisoner No.42 hopes to survive her sentence she needs to stay clear of the vicious guards and the even more dangerous prisoners. This facility was designed just to hold the country’s most ruthless criminals, and the population is ready to explode into a riot at any minute in this thriller set inside the rarely-seen Japanese penal system.
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