The Secretary’s Scheme 秘書のたくらみ 禁断の蜜はほのかに毒の匂い (2007)

Japanese Title:  Hisho no Takurami
Director:  Tadashi Kyougoku
Cast:  Honoka / Mayuko Tanaka / Akika Kitagawa / Takashi Yumioka
Subtitles : NoneAsami Miyake is a capable but mysterious secretary at Yanase General Law Office. Using an intimate relationship with an assistant lawyer, she steals his password to find the personal information of Yanase, the president. Masae Goto, the owner of an aesthetic salon, has a financial relationship with Yanase. She’s asked him to compensate her for a stock market loss, but suddenly receives a phone call from him that he can’t make the financial help.