Maidroid: ERIKA (2010)

AKA : Boku no Kanojo wa Robowife
Director : Kenichi Fujiwara
Cast : Yukiko Suou / Yoshihiro Satoh / Chiaki Kurokawa
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –

MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230710.825 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230713.645 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230715.866 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230718.742 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230727.189 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230734.930 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230750.261 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230807.396 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230812.972 MaidroidErika.avi_20170219_230817.568

I’m Ryo. I’m a loser at pachinko, my part-time job, and life. One day, I picked up an attaché case on the street thinking there’d some money inside, but find Erika, a maidroid, instead. Since she says I’m her master and she’d do anything for me, I’ve decided to have her make money with her body. But she understands me so well that I’m falling in love with her.

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