Escape Captivity : Obscene Curse (1997)

AKA : Kankin tōbō Midara na noroi
Director : Futoshi Kamino
Cast : Misa Aika K Daisuke Nagakura Takashi Matsuyama Eiji Ohgi Kanako Kishi Masaki Nishimori Masako Mayumi
Country: Japan
Subtitles : –

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Plot (Google Translate)
A woman’s evil spirit living in a mirror wants a beautiful woman’s blood to live in this world. A model club president, a famous photographer, a name producer who is intertwining with the woman and the body now and again. The sacrifice to the evil spirit was prepared by these three men, and the disappearance of the model and the rape murder case were frequent. An inexplicable death of my older sister who was a model. A younger sister who belonged to the same model club as her sister to find out the criminal. She got the clue of the incident, eventually putting them into a three-person murder program …

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