Golden Lotus: Love and Desire (1991)

AKA : Jin ping feng yue
Director : Han Hsiang Li, Tsu Hui Hsia
Cast : Yin-chu Chang, Hok-chi Chiu, Charlie Cho
Country: Taiwan | Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese | Mandarin
Subtitles : Cantonese | Englishvts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040636-798 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040640-858 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040646-141 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040704-045 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040713-912 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040717-040 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040719-372 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040725-760 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040730-808 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040734-012 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040735-788 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040737-340 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040742-819 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040749-447 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040752-011 vts_01_0-ifothe_golden_lotus_20161225_040754-519

A corrupt local official, Xi Men Qing, who lusts after women and money, pursues his brother’s young wife, Lee Ping Er. Ping finds Men attractive, and under her drunken husband’s nose, she and Men work their way through the illustrations of a pillow book, the “Golden Lotus.” Men pursues the same feat with his fourth concubine, Pan Jing Lien, who lives in the compound next to Ping. Jing’s jealousy compounds a tale of humiliation, childbirth, death, and depravity. Does karma or enlightenment await anyone?

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