Brother of Darkness 替天行道之殺兄 (1994) – Uncut

Runtime 1.26.58 (normal 1:24:18)
Cast: Hugo Ng, Lily Chung, William Ho, Money Lo & Anthony Wong
Plot: A man kills his brother. Was it an act of cold blooded murder or self defense? Based on a controversial murder trial in Hong Kong, this courtroom drama depicts the conflicts and abuse of two brothers leading to the imminent murder.

Closely follows the template set by Daughter Of Darkness, right down to using the same lead actors in the same or similar roles. Ng Doi-Yung & Lily Chung again play the young lovers. Ho Ka- Kui again plays the bad guy and Anthony Wong & Money Lo play lawyers instead of cops.

The whole family is afraid of Wah (Ho Ka Kui), and with good reason. He threatens to kill his parents, throws his wife around violently, beats up anyone whenever he feels like it, snorts cocaine, punches his brother, sexually assaults Toh’s girlfriend Jenny (Lily Chung), and even rapes his mother.

And just in case you fail to pick up on this guy being a complete demonic bastard, he rams home the point by yelling almost all the time, laughing manically, and singing about drugs and sex as he indulges.
Much of the story is told in staggered flashbacks during a murder trial. There is some tension early on, but this completely evaporates when it becomes clear that the deceased is the completely-evil Wah. After that, you can be assured that nobody would find guilty the tormented younger brother Toh, who stands accused.

The stunningly beautiful Lily Chung has some erotic, though sometimes violent scenes. Her acting is unrestrained nicely balances the deadpan Ng Doi-Yung. An interesting and original category III film, although the violent content may offend some viewers.