Office Lady Diary: Affair of a She-Cat (1972)

AKA : OL nikki 2 | OL nikki: Mesuneko no jôji
Director: Akira Katô
Cast : Rie Nakagawa, Katsurô Yamada, Moeko Ezawa
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles : –office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004429-405 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004432-893 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004504-852 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004510-668 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004517-472 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004522-903 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004535-427 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004612-526 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004615-082 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004617-510 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004621-414 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004645-785 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004704-500 office-lady-diary-affair-of-a-she-cat-mkv_20161225_004712-948

An entry in a series focused on “love” and “erotica,” in which six creators from multiple fields — from film and TV to direct-to-video and manga — compete. The debut film by Director Ito Ippei who worked as an assistant director to Imaoka Shinji, it portrays the love between a real hottie who has the attractiveness to enslave men, and a pure-hearted man. Toda (Hiroshi) meets Haruna (Haruna Hana) who is in pain after being dumped. Toda sees similarities between Haruna and a stray kitten he saved that day, and hopes he will bump into the sad woman again someday. His wish comes true, but at an unexpected place.

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