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Missing 77 ミッシング77 (2012)

Synopsis : The sequel to chiller exposed to the horse training that abduction, an imprisoned high school girl is severe. One of a product covered `human being auction’ with, student number 77th, Yuki. Brainwashing put her under clear it up, and the memory recovers while the armed robbery group that attacked an auction meeting place suddenly takes charge….
(sorry, this is a result of the program translation.)

Alternative Title: Misshingu 77

Screen Format….: MKV 720×480

Love Actually Sucks (2011) – Uncensored Version

Star : Osman Hung, Linda So and Haze Leung

Love is life, life as it is. Not every love story is a fairy tale. After a dramatic wedding feast, unusual love stories unfold towards unexpected endings: a brother and sister in love caught by the mother, a married painter falls for his young life drawing model of same sex, an intimacy between a dance school teacher and his wealthy.

The Servant (I-IV) (2015) – HD

AKA: Bang-Ja Jeon / 방자전 (CGV)
Drama: The Servant
Revised romanization: Bang-Ja Jeon
Hangul: 방자전
Writer: Kim Dae-Woo
Network: CGV
Episodes: 4
Release Date: 2015
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea