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Minor Club 마이너클럽 2014 – HD 720p

Minor Club 마이너클럽 2014 – HD 720p
Runtime: 95 minutes
Director: Lee Won-woo
Subtitles: No Subtitles
Cast :
Seo Yeong
Choe hong jun
Yu jaem yeong

A Fresh Girl 청아 (2010) – HD 720p

Directed by Kim Jeong-ho-I (김정호)
Synopsis : Cheong-ah throws herself in the desires of grown ups for the sake of her disabled father.
For her disabled father and to protect her family which is on the verge of breaking up, high school teen Cheong-ah maintains life by working at a gas station.

Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend フィギュアなあなた (2013) HD 720p

Japanese: フィギュアなあなた
AKA: Figyua na anata
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Erotic
Runtime: 112 min
Director: Takashi Ishii
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Cast: Tasuku Emoto, Kokone Sasaki, Naoto Takenaka, Yuki Mamiya

Door to the Night 욕망의 꽃 (2013) – HD

AKA : Passion Flower
Directed by Im Kyeong-soo (임경수)
Cast : Shin Seong-il (신성일), Bae Seul-ki (배슬기), Yoo Tae-woong (유태웅), Kim Jeong-gyoon (김정균)
•Mystery •Romance
95min | Release date in South Korea : 2013/11/07
Plot: A woman fatally beautiful, burns with hidden passion!

Trilogy of Lust 血戀 (1995) – Uncut & Uncensored

Stars: Julie Lee, Wai-Dik Chan, Wai-Lan Chan
Language : German
Subtitles : None
After getting kicked out of med school for cheating, Yik-sang makes a living as a fisherman on one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands. Desperate for female companionship, Yik-sang buys a Mainland bride named Chi (Lee).

Silip : Daughters of Eve (1985) – Uncensored & Uncut

Audio Sound : Tagalog | Filipino
Subtitle  : English
Synopsis Plot: A wild, shocking and controversial title from the Philippines, guaranteed to have your jaw dropping. Overview: In the tradition of Japanese “Pink” cinema comes this shocking, violent and sex filled movie that caused an outrage when it was screened at the Chicago Film Festival.

Be My Slave 私の奴隷になりなさい (2012) HD 720p – Director’s Cut

Duration : 1h 52mn
Subtitles : English
Stars: Mitsu Dan, Itsuji Itao, Hiroaki Mayama
Synopsis : Gravure model Dan Mitsu has been making headlines for her willingness to push the boundary of her sexy persona. Now, she makes her provocative feature film debut with Be My Slave, an edgy erotic drama based on a popular novel about the secret fetishes of urbanites.

Bad Guy 나쁜 남자 (2001)

Subtitles: English
Jo Jae-Hyeon – Han-Ki
Seo Won – Sun-Hwa
Kim Yun-Tae – Yun-Tae
Choi Deok-Mun – Myoung-Soo
Yoon-young Choi – Hyun-Ja
Yoo-jin Shin – Min-Jung
Jung-young Kim – Eun-Hye
Namgung Min – Hyun-Su
Lee Han-Wi
Kwon Hyuk-Ho – guard Jo

Sweet Whip 甘い鞭 (2013) – Director’s Cut

Duration: 2 hours, 24 mins
Mitsu Dan
Yuki Mamiya
Naoto Takenaka

Emmanuelle in Hong Kong 香港艾曼紐之獸性培欲 (2003)

Cast: Deborah, Li Tao Hung, Liu Tse Win, Liu Ah Yin, Jenifer Lau
Subtitles : English
Synopsis Yan and Emily have been married for two years. Since Emily is cultivated in a catholic way and considers sex to be a sin, their sex life is always miserable. To save their marriage, Yan hires a nobleman, K, to give Emily a lesson in sex. Yan cooks up a scheme to kidnap his wife and lock her up in a castle for three months for the tutorial. After the training, her attitude towards sex has been changed, but Yan is still unable to please his wife